The following is a list of accomplishments during my tenure on the Agoura Hills City Council and goals that I would like to achieve during the next term:


  • Medea Creek Naturalization Project - Led the Council on the removal of a concrete flood control channel and the planting of natural plants inviting wildlife back into our city.

  • Stormwater Treatment Plant and Wetlands Preservation - Obtained funding for a stormwater treatment plant to ensure only clean water leaves our city.  Agoura Hills is within the Malibu Water Shed and our water eventually drains into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Climate Action Plan - Led the Council to support the creation of a Climate Action Plan and when completed (2020), work toward its implementation and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

  • Clean Power Alliance - Assisted in bringing the Clean Power Alliance to the city and advocated in favor of joining.

  • Solar Energy - Continue to advocate for solar panels to be installed at City Hall and the Events and Recreation Center.  

  • Liberty Canyon Wildlife Overpass - I worked with stakeholders and have continued to support the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Overpass.

  • Medea Creek Clean Up - Partnered with Senator Stern’s office to continue the City’s annual Clean up the Creek in September.

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction - Educate residents on greenhouse gas reduction measures such as placing food waste in yard bins, and eliminating plastic water bottles, supporting the water district’s Drink From the Sink campaign. Hold the Environmental Fair which was originally scheduled as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

  • EV Stations - Work toward a mandate for the installation of EV charging stations at all new and remodeled shopping centers/locations in Agoura Hills, including City Hall.

  • Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Advisory Committee - I have served as the representative of Agoura Hills on the SMMCAC since being elected in 2011.

  • Poison Free Agoura - I have been an active member of Poison Free Agoura since its inception advocating for a ban on anti-coagulant rat poisons to save our wildlife. Continue to work for a ban on harmful herbicides and encourage natural weed abatement in our parks and public spaces.


  • Emergency Orders - During the Covid-19 pandemic, initiated Emergency Orders to expand capacity and outside business options for the City’s local businesses.

  • Chamber of Commerce - Worked with Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce to establish grant opportunities for small businesses in Agoura Hills so they can successfully navigate through the pandemic.

  • PR/Advertising - Continual PR via social media and advertising in the Acorn newspaper to guide and inform the City’s businesses on constant closings and re-openings.

  • Buy Local - Continue efforts to encourage residents to Buy Local with Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce.


  • Native Landscape Plan - Led the creation of an 85%+ native, drought tolerant landscape plan for our public streets and medians. 

  • Reyes Adobe Road - Collaborated with private property owners to have the city landscape a portion of their property that abuts one of Agoura Hills’ largest streets using native and drought tolerant plants.

  • Linear Parks - Advocated for and approved a linear park on top of a concrete channel along Agoura Road with walking paths and native landscape.  The irrigation for the park will be reclaimed water from a stormwater treatment plant. Will lead an effort for a future linear park along Liberty Canyon.

  • Decorative Improvements - Update benches at bus stops and trash bins citywide.


  • Triangle Ranch - Led the Council to contribute $800,000 toward the purchase of  Phase 3 of Triangle Ranch to be maintained as open space. Will continue to work toward public financing for Phase 4 (a planned housing project of 25+ large homes along the slopes of Ladyface Mountain) to be preserved as open space. 

  • Residential Zone - Supported the purchase of 10+ parcels, zoned for single family homes, on the slopes south of the 101 freeway impacting the migration of  wildlife.

  • Commercial Zone - Work to complete the dedication of 5 - 6 parcels, zoned for commercial use,  to be maintained as open space.


  • Cornerstone - Voted  “No” on Cornerstone to ensure our environmental standards would be protected. 

  • Agoura Village Specific Plan - Voted for a review of the city's Agoura Village Specific Plan to determine feasibility and to include greenhouse gas reduction measures.  While Mayor, I hosted a Community Workshop.  I will continue working toward fulfilling the real vision of Agoura Village.

  • Traffic - Collaborated with LVUSD, providing before-school supervision reducing traffic on Kanan Road. Continue efforts to reduce traffic by exploring multi-modal transportation planning.  

  • Housing Mandates - Continue to work with our elected representatives on housing mandates and to maintain local control.


  • Communications - Almost weekly video addresses to inform and update residents on the Covid-19 crisis.  My management during Covid has answered questions and calmed nerves. 

  • LVUSD - Served for several years on the Superintendent’s Advisory Board. Continue working with its Student 360 program.

  • AHCCC - Work to re-open the Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center for our residents. 

  • City Parks - Continue the park restroom improvements project.

  • CAC - I have worked closely with our Cultural Arts Council to add to our Art in Public Places and bring more authors to our community.

  • Annexation - I led on annexation to protect our Liberty Canyon residents and expand the city’s sphere of influence and continue to do so.

  • Jess Thomas Bridge (formerly Chesebro Bridge) - I assisted with the collaboration between the Old Agoura residents and the County of Los Angeles, Public Works Department, for the reconstruction of the one lane Chesebro Bridge which burned in the Woolsey Fire.

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